Andrei Petrenko

Andrey Petrenko is an honored artist of Russia (2008). A graduate of the Leningrad Conservatory where he studied under E. P. Kudryavtseva-Murina. From 1973 to 1989 he worked as choirmaster in the choir of amateur singers at the Leningrad Choral Society. From 1989 to 2000 he taught conducting at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory and ran its Chamber Choir. In 1994–1999 Andrey Petrenko worked as artistic director and chief conductor of the Smolny Cathedral Choir.

In 2000 he was invited to work as chief choirmaster to the Mariinsky Theatre where he prepared and brought forth more than 40 opera premieres. Directed by A. Petrenko, the Mariinsky choir gave a cappella concerts in the most prestigious concert halls in Russia, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia, Israel, and USA. In 2011, the choir was honored with an ICMA award for the best work in recording of Igor Stravinsky’s Oedipus Rex.

Since 2008 Andrey Petrenko has been a guest conductor of the Radio France Choir. He is also a presidium member in the Choral Society of Russia. He received a Gold Soffit theater award. In 2014, Andrey Petrenko started working as chief guest choirmaster of the Ekaterinburg Philharmonic Choir. In 2015, he became its artistic director.

Upcoming concerts
21 August 2020, Friday
Парк Маяковского Центральная сцена, Екатеринбург
21 August 2020, Friday 19:00

Любимые песни советской эпохи

2020-08-21 19:00:00 2020-08-21 20:00:00 Asia/Yekaterinburg Любимые песни советской эпохи SGAF, Парк Маяковского Центральная сцена
19:00, Парк Маяковского Центральная сцена, Екатеринбург

Любимые песни советской эпохи

The concert during Воздушный сезон festival
  • Yekaterinburg Philharmonic Choir
  • Artistic Director – Andrei Petrenko
  • Цыганов Павел
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Дирижер — Петренко Андрей

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