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The concert Part of Myaskovsky. Dialogues
9 March, Tuesday, 19:00, Philharmonic Great Hall, Екатеринбург
Хор, оркестр и солисты

Concert in two parts with intermission (140 min)


Meet Nikolay Myaskovsky!

A brilliant officer who left the military for music at the age of 36; a fellow conservatory student and close friend of Sergei Prokofiev; a composer of whom Shostakovich said: "the greatest symphonist of the 20th century after Mahler"; a laureate of five highest national awards; a member of major art councils; a famous professor who trained a galaxy of prominent composers; an artist who was cared for and brought down by the Soviet regime.

The First Night of the Festival will feature the milestones in Soviet period of Myaskovsky’s creative work. It will introduce the most "classical" of the composer’s 27 symphonies, the string quartet that brought him the last, posthumous Stalin Prize, and the Kremlin by Night cantata-nocturne disgraced and blacklisted by the authorities among other ‘anti-repertoire’ Soviet works.

55 years of oblivion lay between the Cantata’s premiere led by Nikolai Anosov and its revival under the direction of the conductor's son – Gennady Rozhdestvensky. Almost the same period of time divides the two casts of the Myaskovsky String Quartet: the legendary one that thrived in Sverdlovsk Philharmonic in the 1960s, and the contemporary ensemble that consists of the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra’s soloists.

The concert program

  • Myaskovsky. Quartet No. 13 in A minor for Strings, Op. 86 (1949)
  • Myaskovsky. Kremlin by Night, Cantata-Nocturne, Op. 75 (1947)
  • Myaskovsky. Symphony No. 17 in G sharp minor, Op. 41 (1937)
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