Eurasia International Music Festival


Conversation with a Guest

Meet-the-artist event
Yeltsin Center, room 101 (admission free)

October 5, Thursday, 19.30

DJ and composer Gabriel Prokofiev, Great Britain
Moderator – Olga Chebykina

Innovative approaches to the presentation of classical music for a new audience with a modern life style; the art of remixing; modern folk and electric acoustics as sources of inspiration; history and philosophy of the origin of the sound recording label; motivational conversation on creation of new events and projects


Live Webcast

October 6, Friday, 18.30

Festival opening: UPO, Dmitry Liss, Andreas Grau, Götz Schumacher, DJ Mr Switch; music by Takemitsu, Debussy, Sergei Prokofiev and Gabriel Prokofiev


Bonsai Suite Concert

Grand Hall of the Ural Music College (admission free)

October 10, Tuesday, 18.30

“Music of Japanese composers of the 20th Century and contemporary dance” is a pilot project of the Ural Music College and the department of modern dance of the University for Humanities (Ekaterinburg)


Lecture by Ivan Fedele

Small Hall of the Ural Conservatoire (admission free)

October 12, Thursday, 15.00

Composer Ivan Fedele: Sculpture of Sound – a lecture for students of music and young composers
Hostess – composer Olga Viktorova


Movie Night

Watching a movie and meet-the-artist event

Cinema-conference-hall of Yeltsin Center (admission free)

October 12, Thursday, 18.30
Gerhard Oppitz. Pianist. Professor. Pilot. In German with Russian subtitles.


Previous Years Concert Records

Watching with music expert

Cinema-conference-hall of Yeltsin Center (admission free)

The jewels in the crown of the festival video archive and new comments

Hostess – music expert Angelina Kodolova

October 10, Tuesday, 16.00

UPO, Dmitry Liss, Fazıl Say
Hosokawa. Circulating Ocean
Say. Concerto No. 2 Silk Road
Glass. Violin Concerto No. 1

October 13, Friday, 17.00

UPO, Dmitry Liss, Un Sik Kim, Anton Batagov
Eun-Hwa Cho. Back into. Out of (Nature as It Is)
Batagov. I See Your Dream, You See My Dream
Stravinsky. The Rite of Spring


Bird Cherry Pirojjok Ceremony

After-concert autograph and selfie sessions

Small Hall of the Philharmonic

October 6, Friday Gabriel Prokofiev, Andreas Grau, Götz Schumacher, DJ Mr Switch, Dmitry Liss
October 7, Saturday Dialogue Group
October 8, Sunday Sheikh Hamed Dawood Group
October 9, Monday Clemens Schuldt
October 10, Tuesday Pierre-Laurent Aimard
October 11, Wednesday Gerhard Oppitz
October 12, Thursday Fabio Ciofini, Roberta Invernizzi
October 13, Friday Ivan Fedele, Gerhard Oppitz, Dmitry Liss


Off-Programme partners


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