Dialogues. Myaskovsky and Prokofiev (New Edition)

4 March 2021
4 March, 2021

On the year of the 140th anniversary of Nikolai Myaskovsky, a new edition of his correspondence with Sergei Prokofiev will be published. Its editor is Nelly Kravets, musicologist, professor at Tel Aviv University, who talks about her work with her Moscow colleague Olga Rusanova.

Their dialogue is about letters unabridged, about the string-like Myaskovsky's handwriting and Prokofiev's cursive writing, about the archival funds in London, New York and Moscow, about what needs to be done so that Myaskovsky is not confused with Mayakovsky. We will find out when the new edition will appear in Russia and will be published in other languages, as well as how it will differ from the book published 40 years ago.

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